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09/08/2018 to 09/08/2018
Sat 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Emeritus Hall, 


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The Olive is a unique fruit that is made into healthy oil and de-bittered to be eaten. Learning about the trees and fruit opens up an interesting segment of the food world many people don’t know. Don covers all aspects about the Olive. Some fascinating facts are obscure and get revealed to students of this class. Don will talk about the history of the Olive, the history of the Olive in California and give a thorough description of how to make Olives edible without lye.  Discussion will cover the many varieties of Olives and how the different recipes vary the final tastes of the Olives. Three natural processes will be thoroughly detailed, described and demonstrated to make Olives edible. The Greek style brine, water and dry salt methods are ancient, well known techniques that will be explained in easy to understand terms. Some talk about tree care and pruning will give those students who have Olive trees a beginning on what their trees need. Everyone will leave with a strong foundation of knowledge to start on an Olive path. Correct ways to store Olives and what shelf life each recipe has is important for safety and will be included. Lastly, Don will share Olives for tasting so students can experience Olives they can produce. Accompanied with cheese, crackers and drink and some time to talk about Olives.

Buffie Francisco