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"Happy Olives!"
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Hello, my name is Don Landis and I have a passion for olives and for teaching folks all about olives.

On my website here, you'll find links to upcoming events where I will be presenting, some fun olive facts, the story of how I came to love everything olive, olive curing and cooking recipes and more.

My wife Marion and I feel fortunate to live in Sonoma County, Northern California, where olives grow abundantly. Much of the olive crop here is turned into fine olive oil, but I believe not enough energy is spent on showcasing the goodness and wonder of this incredible fruit, so I'm spreading the word about olives. In fact, in many circles, they call me "The Olive Guy!"

I hope that you find the information here enlightening, entertaining and educational. If you're in the area, please come to one of our olive workshops. I guarantee you will not look at olives the same way again.

Enjoy. And "Happy Olives!"

donsig • 707.829.0497